Company Profile

SIZER INDIA was established in 1978 and Mr.Sreekumar Madampath was the founder of this esteemed manufacturing company which has been in this precision industry for last 34years.Taking the experience of so many years it has been time proven again & again with our customers that we provide the best solutions to them in quality, price, delivery and service all times.

SIZER INDIA is in this field of Machining, Turning Precision Components ranging from various kinds of shafts, pins, washers, spacer, collars, plates, bolts, nuts, screws, bushes, blocks and any customized components as per customer requirements. Our Machining capacity ranges from Ø 4 mm to Ø 300 mm and 4 mm to 800 mm long. We are quite conversant with machining raw material from M.S., EN Series, Alloy steel, Stainless Steels, Brass, Copper, O.H.N.S., WPS and Aluminum etc.

SIZER INDIA stands for commitment to integrity and goodwill towards customers and the industry, continuous progress is our mantra.

List of Machineries

• CNC turning machines.
• Band – Saw machines.
• Automats (Traub).
• Capstan.
• Lathes.

• Surface Grinding Machines.
• Centre less Grinding Machines.
• Cylindrical Grinding Machines.
• Tool Grinding Machines.
• Milling Machines.
• Drilling Machines.
• Tapping Machines.

List of Checking Instruments

• Vernier Calipers ~ L.C. 0.02 mm.
• Micrometers ~ L.C. 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm.
• Digital Micrometers ~ L.C. 0.001 mm.
• Digital Vernier Calipers ~ L.C. 0.02 mm.
• Height Gauges ~ L.C. 0.02 mm.

• Papita Dials ~ L.C. 0.01 mm.
• Plunger Dials ~ L.C. 0.001 mm.
• Slip Gauges ~ Entire Range – 0.2 mm to 100 mm.
• Dial Bore Gauges ~ 10 mm to 150 mm.
• Hardness Tester.
• Raw material Crack Testing Machine.

Scope of Industries

We are already catering to some of following industries & can cater Almost all Requirements of this industries –
• Automotive.
• Pharmaceutical.
• Chemical.
• Oil and Gas.

• General Purpose ( Hardware ).
• Construction.
Machine Tool.